Image taken from the film It

Fear makes us feel like we’ve lost control, like we’re standing on the edge of a cliff preparing to jump into the unknown. Our heart races, we feel it pounding in our chests like it’s trying to escape, like it’s trying to break free. Perspiration drips from our forehead. Unbeknown to us, sometimes, this can be an irrational feeling, but it feels so real at the time. It is normal to feel fear, this is how we protect ourselves, it’s our survival mode which has been with us since the start of man, but it’s when it becomes irrational, that’s the problem. Although most of the time this irrational fear won’t go away, there are thankfully techniques that can control it, for some, these are a God send, for others, they don’t work, there constantly trying to climb out of a never ending pit of despair.



Hearts are so easily broken, the hurt can sever them like a knife cutting deep inside, penetrating the very foundations. They can be squashed and crushed to smitherines, bleeding all the life out of them like a niggling sore that won’t go away, but also they are very resistant. Just as easy as they are broken they can be mended, they can feel joy again, they can extrude love and happiness. A whole heart is the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, the mecca of life, for we all have a heart, even the ones who display a tough exterior. We all bleed and we all feel pain together, but what makes us unique is our own individual journeys, our life stories. These are what make us who we are today.



I wrote this a long time ago but didn’t get round to sharing it, so here it is.

You grab my hand and pull me near I anticipate your touch. You run your fingers down my spine, oh, how I love your amazing touch. You stroke my hair up off my face and look into my eyes, the passion is so clear to see there’s certainly no disguise. You push your lips against mine, they taste so sweet to me and you cradle me in your arms and we gaze up to the stars, then you turn to study my face as you tell me you love me. You kneel on one knee. You intertwine your fingers in to mine the other hand is free, you take a box from behind your back and show me what’s inside, a beautiful ring all sparkling you put it on my finger. I anticipate your question, you shudder will you marry me, I reply yes. You pull me in and we embrace. This feeling is amazing, I dont want it to stop. I feel like i’m floating in a bubble made of love.



So, this is a term I hear a lot. Oh, isn’t she kind or isn’t he kind, but what does this term actually mean to people, because a lot of the people who get complimented for being kind, I don’t actually think they are. I believe i’m a kind person but I don’t think those who are genuinely kind will ever receive praise for their efforts. Just my opinion.