So, this is a term I hear a lot. Oh, isn’t she kind or isn’t he kind, but what does this term actually mean to people, because a lot of the people who get complimented for being kind, I don’t actually think they are. I believe i’m a kind person but I don’t think those who are genuinely kind will ever receive praise for their efforts. Just my opinion.


6 thoughts on “KINDNESS

  1. I think like you , kindness is a part of a persons soul and part of their nature. It can’t be taught it’s just there . It shows through in their manners, their thoughts and in how they interact . They might not even be aware themselves just how kind there actions are to the recipient

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  2. Kindness comes from the heart…and you can tell who really, truly means it! My mom used to say that I wear my heart on my sleeve, which is true…which is why I’ve cut back my hrs as a Caregiver. It’s going to break me at some point, and I’m not happy as a Caregiver, not anymore. Which is why I’ve picked up the camera again and started blogging. This…truly makes me happy!!

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    1. Your Mum is right, you do wear your heart on your sleeve and we should all do what makes us happy, lifes too short for what if’s❤


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