Ask An Astronaut by Tim Peake.

This book answers the questions we are all curious to find about space, well, thats if you’re interested in that kind of thing anyway, like how can I become an astronaut? Peake advises being good at languages is useful and the career you do before your journey as an astronaut, but the key is to be as passionate and as good as you can in your chosen career/field, these only get you so far, it’s your drive, personality, enthusiasm and character that will enable you to succeed.

Tim Peake.

Peake spent 18 years in the army and had a career as a test pilot, which put him in the right place at the right time, he advises becoming an astronaut is not easy.

One of my highlights of the book was when Peake spoke about the launch, he said each cosmonaut was allowed three songs to be piped in the capsule before lift off, Peake chose ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen, ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2 and a ‘Sky full of stars’ by Coldplay, one last surprise, a fourth song ‘The Final Countdown by Europe, chosen by Peake’s Soyuz instructor, which Peake found quite amusing, he goes on to say “who says the Russians don’t have a sense of humour.”

This Is a copy of my book, signed by the man himself, when I met him in Manchester.

The Book also delves into Peakes time on the ISS (International Space Station) and his spacewalk.

The great thing about Peake is he doesn’t blow his own trumpet, he is grounded, down to earth and a very likeable man, which is surprising considering his many achievements. He is definitely someone to look up to. I loved this book and in my opinion Tim Peake is a legend.



A Brief History Of Time By Stephen Hawking,Updated Edition.

I really wanted to read this book, not only is it written by Professor Stephen Hawking one of the geniuses of our time.

Professor Stephen Hawking.

I also find anything to do with space fascinating, like just how minute our planet is in the vast universe.

It also has a chapter dedicated to wormholes and time travel, while only scratching the surface, it is still interesting. I love the idea of time travel, wouldn’t it be exciting if we could build a machine and actually travel in time, I know I would sign up. I did read that Hawking once held a party for time travellers, but nobody turned up, make of that what you will. He said it was an experiment to prove time travel was not possible, after hosting the party in 2009 he said “I gave a party for time travellers but I didn’t send out the invitations until after the party, if time travel was possible they would’ve come to the party.” Many people have their own theories as to why they didn’t turn up, but one thing is for sure this book is definitely worth a read. In the words of Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly,

DOC BROWN-“Marty! I need you to go back with me!” MARTY-“Where?” DOC BROWN-“Back to the future!”