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Damn you, wordpress!!!!



10 thoughts on “ARGH!

    1. Right, it’s removing my comments, it’s not loading, it’s not sending me notifications. There’s a long list, believe me. So annoying😠

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      1. That is exactly what i’m going to do, let’s hope it doesn’t go in one ear and out of the other. They need to address these issues.

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  1. Agree with Renard. Def try the happiness engineers, they usually reply quickly and can sometimes help. However, I used to access WP via Firefox and things were great for a while until WP started acting weird after a Firefox update. After umpteen workarounds nothing changed, so I switched to microsoft – worked for a bit then went crap again after an update. (seems WP doesn’t cope well with updates?). Finally I’m using Chrome which so far, apart from a few weird things happening, seems stable.
    I’m a bit of veteran now on WP (coming up ten years) and I can def say the first five years with them the platform was faultless, easy to use, a joy, and never gave out probs. These past five years with them has been at times maddening.
    Good luck trying to get a fix. Hope you’re back up and running asap.

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